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TDAC Holiday Contest

December 2, 2010

Got my contest entry for the They Draw and Cook holiday recipe submitted yesterday, right in the nick of time. Now it’s time to kick back and visit the site every day during December to see all the entries and find out who was the day’s favorite. The Day’s favorite will be on the Food Network’s blog – The FN Dish.

Fun, right?

Ok, did I say kick back earlier? Not so much. Now time to cram for the Sketchbook Project! Waiting until the last minute makes life so much more interesting. Especially during the holidays, hee hee!

They Draw and Cook

October 10, 2010

Whew! I finally submitted a recipe to They Draw and Cook, a wonderful site, you should definitely visit.

They are getting published and anyone who wanted a shot at getting into the book needed to submit by TODAY! I only found out about the deadline on Friday, so I was pretty frantic!

So yay!

If you want you can click the image to get a better look.

An Appetizer at the Doodle Diner

March 22, 2010

My recipe for Deviled Eggs has been posted at  They Draw and Cook!   Artists are invited to submit an illustrated recipe.  Yummy for the tummy and the eyes!!

Check it out! Here’s my link: