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Free Gift Tag Printable Sheet

December 21, 2010

If you head over to my personal blog, I have a gift for all of you diner readers! I created a printable gift tag sheet. I printed one out myself and used a nice thick gloss paper and they turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself! Have a look at what you could be attaching to your gifts this year. Enjoy!

{Finished Tags, 2010}

{Printed Sheet, 2010}

On the second day of Christmas…

December 14, 2010

{watercolor, 2010}

My assigned day was the second day! This is what I imagine when I think of a turtle dove. Otherwise, if you google an actual turtledove its a pretty plain little bird. Nothing against the turtledove, I just like my reptilian flying creature idea!

A Favorite Holiday Book: The Polar Express

December 12, 2010

{Click on Photo to Shop for “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg}

One of my favorite books for the holidays is “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg. It is beautifully illustrated and the story is still so magical for me even as an adult. In 2005/2006-ish the book was being made into a major motion picture  and they did a Hollywood type screening in my hometown (and where I was going to art school at the time) of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As art students we were given the task of recreating massive scenes from the book that were larger than life size. While I had always loved the book, this was the first time I had really studied the compositions because they had to be repainted at such a huge size. For the event, Chris Van Allsburg was in town… he is a bit of a hometown hero in GR because that is where he hails from… and I also had a chance to hear him speak a bit about his experiences in the children’s book field. All in all, the book and movie couldn’t even be compared because they are completely different experiences and both good in their own right. If you’ve read the book, I just have one question:

Does the bell still ring for you?

Update: Here are a few photos from the 2004 movie premier!


{Chris Van Allsburg Speaking at Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Raids, MI, 2004}

{Backdrops created by Kendall students for movie premier, 2004}

SCBWI:Iowa Spring 2010 Conference

April 26, 2010

The 2010 SCBWI: Iowa conference managed to top last year’s event! Guest speakers included illustrator and 2 time Caldecott Honor winner Marla Frazee, editor of Beachlane Books Allyn Johnston, author Mike Shoulders, author and former Farrar, Straus, and Giroux editor Lisa Graff, literary agent Ammi-Joan Paquette, Harper Collins editor Laura Arnold and author Carol Gorman. There was also a wealth of information from fellow Iowa published illustrators, authors and aspiring illustrators and authors. It is always nice to know that you aren’t alone going through the struggles of breaking into publishing. (well, you are, but you aren’t the only one feeling all the feelings that go along with it.)
My portfolio review with Marla was fabulous. She has a very authentic way of reviewing work. She gave me tangible things to work on while reassuring me that I was “very talented”. (ok, really? Marla called me…me?! talented. What a wonderful compliment!)

Author Mike Shoulders’ presentations really resonated within me too. He does over 100 school visits each year and as a former educator and principal, he REALLY has it together! He gave wonderful tips on enhancing school visits. Mike is a positive person to the core and is clearly doing what he excels at! Mike rapped one of his books, and he TOTALLY pulled it off. A little humor and humility go a really long way! Overall, it was wonderful to meet new people in the field and reconnect with people from last year.

First Promotional Piece of 2010

February 8, 2010

This is my most recent promotional piece. I am hoping in reigns in a job or two!

Noteworthy Dish at the local Doodle Diner

June 9, 2009

Join us at the diner to hear the latest news about some of our local locos. Order yourself a slice of our “signature” (shameless pun intended) apple pie and let’s dig in!

Mother Goose by Candace Camling

Headline: Mother Goose Makes Her Mark

First, our lovely Candace has jumped in with both feet. Her amazing illustrations can now be seen at Yep, big news, indeed.

Headline: LicoriceGirl Finishes Ant Art!

Headline: LicoriceGirl Finishes Ant Art!

Next we will give you the dish on miss Kathleen Rietz, or Kate, as we call her here in our busy kitchen. Miss Kate has been slightly MIA as of late, but we are happy to have her back!! The reason for her absence has been more than excusable. The art for her most recently illustrated book, Little Black Ant on Park Street, is now officially complete! Great job, Kate! We are mucho proud of you. Look for the release of this book later this summer.

Headline:  Super Cool Dad Designs Custom Curtains

Headline: Super Cool Dad Designs Custom Curtains

News about David is big. And we mean big. Nope, he hasn’t eaten his wife out of house and home, yet! But….drum roll, please…wait. First, pull up a high chair and grab the bibs and crayons, because in the not-so-distant future, Pickledog is going to need this when they visit the diner! Yahoo. They just found out not too long ago, so they still have some planning, dreaming, nesting to do. But this is big news! David, be sure to fill us in as we get closer to the due date!

Headline: Sketched Out ROCKS Out!

Headline: Sketched Out ROCKS Out!

What about our poet-extraordinairre? You know, the clever Linda Silvestri. (aka SketchedOut) Well, her brain and her pencil have been working overtime, keeping us in stitches with her lively chartacters and her ever-present wit. Linda is also celebrating the fact that she joined SCBWI and is considering taking the ultimate plunge–Summer 2009 SCBWI Conference in LA. If you are reading this and have ever attended the Summer Conference, let her know what is in store.

The first scoop on Roberta (aka Mouse in the House) is sa-Weet!!! She has been featured in a Podcast on Just One More Book. Woohoo! go Roberta! The second scoop on Roberta is bittersweet. Roberta just returned from her father’s funeral. Please email her over the next little while so she knows you are thinking of her during this difficult time. Her outlook is great, and she knows things happen for a reason. We are sure to see wonderful things from her, as always. Her creativity, sensitivity, and productivity will be in full force. We love you, Roberta!

Headline: Princesstomato's Bird Lady Reaps and Sows

Headline: Princesstomato's Bird Lady Reaps and Sows

Last but not least, yours truly, Teri Skrdla (aka Princesstomato) is pleased to report that my most recent book project has been awarded a grant from the state of South Dakota Arts Council. I am honored to have the endorsement of this great state, and I must confess that I am starting to see a mac in my future! Opinions on that are most welcome. The above illustration is a sample of possible final art for what is page 25 in the dummy. Let’s have a round of bread pudding for all our Doodle Diner visitors! It’s on the house!!

Thanks for stopping by the Doodle Diner. Come back soon!