Shawna J.C. Tenney

Shawna has always had a loved to draw and has always been especially drawn to children’s book illustration.  In college when all the other students were found with their noses in the research section of the library, Shawna could be found behind a tall stack of children’s books.  Shawna decided to put this strange obsession to work and went on receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at Brigham Young University.  Shawna now enjoys making children’s books of her own. She still enjoys checking out large stacks of children’s books from the library.  Now she doesn’t look so strange since she has two little girls of her own to read the books to.

Shawna currently lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah with her graphic designer husband, Warren and two very artistic daughters.

For more information about Shawna, visit her website:


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