Roberta Baird


Once upon a time, a long time ago there was a very shy little girl that lived where the wild things are, commonly known as Salt Lake City.

She lived a gingerbread house with her mother, her woodcutter father, three sisters, one brother and Harry the dirty dog. The neighborhood that she grew up in included a shoe dwelling family with lots of children for Roberta to play with and a very old woman who swallowed a fly. No knows why she swallowed that fly.   Life was good. Roberta grew and was happy.

Then one day when she was having a particularly terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day she ran home from school crying. Her mother lovingly listened as she revealed her stories of eating friend worms and how it rained meatballs at recess. As she listened she made Roberta a comforting bowl of chicken soup with rice and presented her with a shiny new box of crayons. Roberta’s favorite of course was the purple crayon.  So you see, with such a colorful background it was only natural that she grew up to be an illustrator for children.

Roberta Baird now illustrates and writes in Houston Texas in a house filled with lots of books, paint brushes, animals and kids. To view more of her whimsical work, please visit her website or her blog A Mouse in the House.


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