on the Fourth Day of Christmas


Since neither ATT, T-Mobile nor Verizon will give cell phone plans to birds, our fine feathered friends must resort to the few pay-phones there are left.


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9 Responses to “on the Fourth Day of Christmas”

  1. Roberta Baird Says:

    All that work… pecking for coins and the balancing act…. just to make a prank call! 🙂
    Just kidding, they’re calling their moms I’m sure of it!

  2. Pickledog Says:

    Hee-hee.. The blue bird of happiness looks a bit cranky, maybe because he never gets to hold the phone. The scale of the birds to the phone box makes this illustration extra funny-cute to me for some reason.

    I am seeing a new trend starting here at the Diner – bird stacking!

  3. sandy Says:

    I am loving this blog! Great illustration.

  4. candacetrewcamling Says:

    bet they had a hard time finding a pay phone! Pretty soon they will be a thing of the past! Love the birds… super cute.

  5. sjctenney Says:

    I totally love your sense of humor! Great characters. And I loved your Partridge too, by the way! So funny!

  6. Jake Says:

    These are great! I thought about doing a 12 days of Christmas series until I thought about the latter days with all those characters! But keep up the wonderful work – I’ll be checking back to see more!

  7. Tanja Bauerle Says:

    LOL. Poor chickies. Awesome work Linda. T.

  8. valgalart Says:

    This is so clever and wonderful 🙂

  9. princesstomato Says:

    Cute, Linda!

    Oh, and David, as for the Diner Bird Stacking trend….we have officially added it to the menu. THE CHRISTMAS CLUB sandwich.

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