Ruby Rue


Ruby Rue makes magnificent stew.
Though her secret ingredient nobody knew
Onions and turnips and celery root
Frog legs and toenails and of course eye of newt
Dinner at Ruby’s became all the rage
Her name dropped at parties, the society page


The line for a table became a quite joke
But Ruby was cordial as she pinched and she poked
All things have an ending, just as Ruby feared
The crowds had soon dwindled, her guests disappeared.
“Table for one,” whispered poor Ruby Rue
It’s hard to keep friends when they’re on the menu
Poem and artwork by Roberta Baird

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2 Responses to “Ruby Rue”

  1. sketched out Says:

    Ruby! Love her! The poem is fantastic as well. As usual, you are kicking Halloween’s butt with all your great witches and ghoulies.

  2. tanjabauerle Says:

    LOL. You are so clever. Love the expression of the frog/lizard on her hat.

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