They Draw and Cook


Whew! I finally submitted a recipe to They Draw and Cook, a wonderful site, you should definitely visit.

They are getting published and anyone who wanted a shot at getting into the book needed to submit by TODAY! I only found out about the deadline on Friday, so I was pretty frantic!

So yay!

If you want you can click the image to get a better look.


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2 Responses to “They Draw and Cook”

  1. Tanja Bauerle Says:

    Love it. What a great site. T.

  2. sketched out Says:

    I know, they are fantastic! So glad I finally jumped in to be a part of it. They were also saying that although the deadline is over for possibly getting into their book, there will be other opportunities on the horizon. So, even if for no other reason, just to be on the site, you never know what might happen if you post there.

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