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Finally putting my money where my mouth is (whatever that means) and am diligently knocking out some promo materials. Here is what I’ve come up with so far for my business card… a real live “illustrator” business card. Imagine.

I’m also, almost done with my first ever promo postcard. I’ll post that soon, see what y’all think. Oh, and I am also feverishly trying to update my portfolio… pant pant pant.

Be gentle… I’m new.


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10 Responses to “Promo stuff”

  1. tanjabauerle Says:

    Linda, this is absolutely gorgeous. Imagine: eye-catching color, wonderful layout, dynamic and animated characters, and emotional character interaction to boot. Love it. I don’t know what else you could do to improve it. It is clear that you have a strong design background which is such a huge benefit in illustration.

    The only thing that I think you might want to clarify is where the monster is looking. His tail is sneaking around on the left side of the card but his eyes are looking to the right. With him looking to the right it makes me think that the tail should follow that line as well. What if you moved his pupils to the other side of the eyes so that they follow the tail? I love his expression.

    Great piece. I can’t wait to see the promo piece.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Denise Says:

    You drew my attention by your fun and joyful colours and subject material. I love the light heartedness of the subjects emotions and their reactions to each other. Keep trying you give out up lifting and child like enlightenment to a otherwise boring and often fretfull adult world. Thank you for all your sharing. More please.

  3. Laura Says:

    So cute!
    Love the illo in your card!

  4. roberta baird Says:

    Love it Linda! The colors are vibrant and it has that “sketchie” humor to it!!!

    Can’t wait to see your postcard…. still working on mine. I keep getting interrupted to do things like blow bubbles and play endless games of Huskerdu’!

  5. Lisa Says:

    this is so clever— I love the expression on the monster’s face! Hysterical, love his leg positions too. What a riot! Great promo piece.

  6. Shawna JC Tenney Says:

    I totally love your business card! It’s a great idea, very eye catching. It will do well!

  7. princesstomato Says:

    I love his stripes, and expression. Both the monster and the boy are full of character. Great work!

  8. Gregory Gunther Says:

    Awesome design. Love how the monster fills up the whole side, and continues to the contact info on the other. Great layout. The bright colors are very eye-catching.

  9. clara Says:

    wow, this is just amazing and fabulous! I’d love to have one for my business card collection 🙂 you are so talented!

  10. jbrame Says:

    Extremely creative card. Really inspires me to make a better business card for myself. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity.

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