Hi, I’m Shawna


Hi I’m Shawna JC Tenney.  I’m excited to be part of the Doodle Diner!

Your studio is…

In an average sized bedroom in our new house…we purchased it last September. Before that it was in a crammed room in our little condo. I share a studio with my husband Warren a graphic designer. So we have two computers/computer desks, plus my drawing desk, filing cabinets, a big bookshelf and a cd tower. It’s a bit cramped, but still a great place. Warren used to do free-lance graphic design and used to be home all day in the studio with me. Funny enough I love being with my husband, so I miss those days. Now I share my studio with my kids during the days since they are constantly in there. Sometimes I help my kindergartener with her homework or online reading while I draw a few lines here and there. Often my kids like to draw while I draw. They’re both great little artists!

Do you have an agent?

Yes, Janet at Story Book Arts. I love working with an agent. Like all things it has it’s challenges, but overall it’s been a positive experience. She does most all of my job finding and I get to do all of the drawing. This is really nice since I have a family to take care of. She also does all of the contracts and she will communicate with the clients if I need a deadline extension or if the price is too low. I’m really grateful for all she does for me and my illustration career.

What is the first thing you remember drawing?

My doll, Strawberry Shortcake. 🙂

Do you have a favorite memory from an art class?

At BYU, for Halloween, I wore a big gorilla costume to figure drawing class. When my teacher, Robert Barrett called roll, instead of saying “here” I grunted like an ape. He really wasn’t impressed.

Is there a certain person from your childhood that especially encouraged you to pursue your love for art?

My parents could see I had a love of art and encouraged me. My mom read my children’s books every night which really gave me my love of children’s books. My parents and grandparents always told me about my great grandma who was a painter. I used to look at her paintings in awe and try to copy them with crayons. I wish I had the chance to meet her.

Shawna Tenney


6 Responses to “Hi, I’m Shawna”

  1. princesstomato Says:

    Hi Shawna!!! We are so thrilled to have you in the diner!

  2. roberta baird Says:

    Howdy Shawna!
    It’s so nice to have such a mutli-talented lady on board! She paints… she’s a mom and does gorilla impressions too!! LOL!


  3. tanjabauerle Says:

    Hi Shawna.

    It’s so nice to meet you. I love your artwork. Simply beautiful. I can relate to what you are syaing about your little ones. My 2 always want to “help” me while I’m working.


  4. Lisa Says:

    Love that you wore a gorilla costume to art class. Bravo!!

  5. sketched out Says:

    Gorgeous work, Shawna! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see more from all three of you super talented new gals!

  6. Pickledog Says:

    Love your gorilla story! Profs never seem to have much of a sense of humour for some reason. Welcome to the Doodle Diner Shawna!

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