magic or juggling act?


Although there’s a bit more to the office/studio I share with my hubby, this here would be the part I stare at most of the day… sometimes blankly, sometimes sobbing with tears of frustration and sometimes cranking away feverishly on a plum project.

I do most of my illustrations digitally. However, there are times when a little painting, a little pastel, or perhaps a bit of graphite is in order. This is when I retire to ye ole garage studio… unless, of course, it’s a triple digit summer day. On those days I stick with digital, to avoid sweating profusely and consequently causing unsightly smearing on the artwork.

I’ll tell ya, it’s nice having the choice and the space to do it in.


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5 Responses to “magic or juggling act?”

  1. roberta baird Says:

    Love it Linda… especially that green one eyed creature mug!!

  2. sketched out Says:

    Thanks, Roberta! Yes, that one-eyed creature mug and I are constant companions. He supplies me with creative juices, A.K.A.: caffeine!

  3. Kathleen Rietz Says:

    Very nice. I always enjoy seeing others’ work spaces. Your monitor is MASSIVE!

  4. candace Trew Camling Says:

    Its good to hear that other people cry with frustration sometimes! Nice studio!

  5. sketched out Says:

    Thanks! Kate, it really is a nice size, it’s a 24″ iMac. I was against it at first… I felt it would be weak compared to a tower… but it’s fantastic and very powerful. Of course, Tom sits next to me with a 30″ monitor which dwarfs mine. Show off!

    Hee hee, Candace, thanks. Yes, I believe that’s the price we pay to be creative, eh? I try to keep the sobbing to a minimum, but some days…

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