Another Doodle of a Diner


Candace came up with the super-fun idea for each of the Doodle Diners to create a self portrait in their style. This is my portrait (I’ve never been good at sitting still for portraits) of me-myself while protecting the Earth from a deadly Space Dinosaur. It is a science type fact that the Dinosaurs didn’t really go extinct. One day they all just decided to fly into space and float around the universe for a couple million years. It’s up to the brave men and women of Cartoon Space Force Strike Team 1000 to protect the Earth from the now super intelligent Dinosauri. LAZERS! Pew-Pew


4 Responses to “Another Doodle of a Diner”

  1. sketched out Says:

    I’ve always had my suspicions about where the dinos ran off to… and oh, so that’s what you look like, David, hee hee! This is really fan-freaking-tastic! As usual, I adore your color palette.

  2. candace Trew Camling Says:

    I can actually hear you yelling “pew-pew” in my head. Which is awesome.

  3. roberta baird Says:

    So PD where does one buy an outfit like that? hehehe!
    You are so fun!

  4. teri Says:

    david, thanks for saving us from the dinos!!!

    candace, love the sound effects!!

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