February News…


Okay Diners…lots of yummy stuff is in the works in my “kitchen”!  I am only 3 spreads away from completing the illustrations for “Champ’s Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!” (Sylvan Dell).  Looks like there may be another children’s book to follow this one…fingers and toes are all crossed in anticipation!

There have been lots of great reviews floating around out there for my last illustrated book “Little Black Ant on Park Street” (Soundprints).  However, I don’t actually know anyone who has received their copy yet!  This industry can be so frustrating!

Lastly, my illustrated book “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids” (Stafford House) has now won 5 awards, including a gold medal in the Mom’s Choice Award.  It’s so cool to see foil awards stickers on copies of a book I illustrated…there is now a silver one and a gold one!  The publisher and I are currently working on flashcards as a teaching tool.  I am anticipating more school visits in the springtime, so I am excited about the flashcards.  There will be 56 of them, each showing a yoga pose.


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3 Responses to “February News…”

  1. princesstomato Says:

    The flashcards sound like great fun!

    The dog book is coming along nicely, too. 🙂

    Go, Kate, GO!

  2. sketched out Says:

    Yay! Nearing the finish line, with Champ! Keeping my fingers crossed for the next book too!

    Congrats on all the good reviews for “Ant” and your award for “Yoga”. Soooo exciting! Sheesh and the flash cards sound like a fun project as well. Things are really kicking up a few notches for our Kate, aren’t they? Woo hoo?

  3. roberta baird Says:

    You rock Kate!!!

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