Your Hosts for January


Thanks for stopping by the Doodle Diner folks. Come on in, take a load off and let this month’s hostesses, Kathleen Rietz and Linda Silvestri rustle you up something tasty.

Speaking of tasty, in December, we had our very first print giveaway, generously provided by doodler extraordinaire, David “Pickldog” Sones. Thank you so much David and thank you everyone who participated.

This month, in an effort to inspire and be inspired, we’ll be kicking off the first week of 2010 with “goal” as our theme. What are some of our resolutions, goals and aspirations? In other words, what special ingredients will the denizens of the Doodle Diner be concocting to create a recipe for success this year?

Stick around and find out. It’s on the house.


2 Responses to “Your Hosts for January”

  1. Pickledog Says:

    Woo-hoo! Happy New Year Doodle Diners.

    A key ingredient in my recipe will be adjusting my schedule to balance work, and family. I will also be expanding my marketing for 2010, and Pickledog will have some fun new graphics for sale very soon.

  2. sketched out Says:

    Happy New Year to you, David!

    Balance, one of the greatest ingredients of all time, eh?

    Can’t wait to see a sample of your new graphics!

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