Happy Winter Solstice!


… and you know what that means, right?

No, no, I ‘m not talking about all that shortest day of the year stuff. What it really means is, it’s time for Santa to kick it in to high gear and get ready for the big night! Get his boots on and hit the ground running.

Go Santa go!

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4 Responses to “Happy Winter Solstice!”

  1. Michelle Henninger Says:

    I love it. He needs to where his elastic waisted pants … there are plates full of cookies awaiting him!!

  2. Pickledog Says:

    Oh-my.. it looks like Santa is forgetting his pants, and that naughty Christmas Mouse is eating holes in Saint Nick’s boot!

    Santa is fantastic! I love the textures, and how the hat is set out of the frame. You captured him in such a great pose too. I’m waiting for he toes to kick out through my screen, or for Santa to fall over. He-he..

    Wonderful work Linda!

  3. Dena Says:

    Wow, this is sooo fun!!! How very blessed with talent from God You are!!!
    Its a joy to feel inspired when you stop by other artists blogs and especially when you can get a friendship going.
    It’s just another way I am blessed!!! So thanks for your friendship and hope to get to know you better, come by my blog or website anytime. I’d be thrilled!!!
    MERRY CHRISTmas and new Year Blessings to You!!!
    Hugs Dena

  4. valgalart Says:

    heehee, this is awesome!

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