Your hosts for December


The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the diner early on this frosty December morning. It may still be dark outside, but the grill is hot, and the donuts are fresh. So come on in and meet your Doodle Diner hosts for the month of December, the always sunny side up Mike Baker, and the extra crispy David Sones.

November was the grandest opening for the Doodle Diner, and our hosts Teri, and Roberta got the diner hopping with a wonderful tribute to Eric Carle, and an interview with the talented author/illustrator Prisilla Burris.

In December we’ll have more creative friends pop into the Doodle Diner, so grab a seat at the counter.. btw have you tried one of our freshly baked cookies with your coffee?


4 Responses to “Your hosts for December”

  1. roberta baird Says:

    Ooooh I can hardly wait to see what you two regulars at the DD counter have planned!!

    BTW… I’ll take two of those freshly baked cookies and a refill on the joe!!!!

  2. princesstomato Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you two are a’cookin!! I just love the diner!

  3. valgalart Says:

    All of these yummy food references are making me hungry šŸ™‚ I look forward to what you cook up!

  4. Michelle Henninger Says:

    Yeah, I’ll take some of those cookies too!! šŸ™‚

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