Head to Toe at the Doodle Diner


gorilla2from-head-to-toe “I’m a gorilla and I thump my chest. Can you do it?   I can do it!”

Head to Toe by Eric Carle introduces children to movement and exercise with his vibrant pictures and rhythmic word game!


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4 Responses to “Head to Toe at the Doodle Diner”

  1. sketched out Says:

    OOOOhhhh! I really like this, Roberta! The characters are strong and lovable, the colors are great and I like that designy shape in the background… oh and love the boy’s Chucks, hee hee!

    Plus, I always seem to buy into a finished piece even more when I’ve seen it in it’s beginning stages.

  2. valgalart Says:

    really wonderful!

  3. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Just wonderful, Roberta….there is always so much fun in your illustrations.

  4. Pickledog Says:

    heh-heh.. is the boy imitating the gorilla, or is the gorilla imitating the boy? I like how you have incorporated the elements of Eric Carle’s style, but kept it very much your own.

    And.. the story of how is Eric Carle developed the idea for Head To Toe is a fantastic read.

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