valgal at the DoodleDiner

It's pouring in Cali today!

It's pouring in Cali today!

Hi everyone! I am Valerie Walsh and art has been my job for much of my life. I am happy to be part of this group and I hope we inspire each other.

1.If you could only use one colour to draw or paint with forever and ever, which colour would you use?

2.What do you most often draw when on the phone?

Guess 🙂
3.Your studio is…

a solarium. It’s glass and metal. I have another studio that is a traditional room as well. I pour resin and airbrush in the solarium because it has total ventilation and I have a drafting table and do all of my handwork in the other studio.

 4.Other than your personal style what illustration style are you drawn to and would you ever consider trying it?

I would love to employ some digital illustration in my repertoire. My method of painting takes so much time… I love to paint but there are times that I would like to do really quick stuff . 

5.What forms of marketing your work do you employ?

I am fortunate in that my husband John manages certain aspects of my career and that is very helpful and frees me up to just paint. I have been painting for 30+ years and I get a lot of referrals and commissions from past clients.

6.Do you have an agent…if not would you like to work with one?

I have had agents, some good some not so … I do not have one at the moment. There are certain venues that I would like to persue that require an agent so “yes” I would like to have one.
7.What is the first thing you remember drawing?

Very brightly coloured pictures with houses and trees and girls in cute outfits.

8.Do you have a favorite memory from an art class?

My favourite art class memories are from teaching children.

9.When you go to a diner, what food would you be most likely to order?

french fries dipped in blue cheese dressing

10.Is there a certain person from your childhood that especially encouraged you to pursue your love for art?

My Mom always encouraged all my loves of art,dance,theater and singing. She made me feel as though I could do anything, thanks mom!


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3 Responses to “valgal at the DoodleDiner”

  1. mike baker Says:

    Awesome! Welcome again, Valerie. I watched your video on that craft show – you were terrific! And lovely too. Raise the roof! Woot!

  2. roberta baird Says:

    French fries with blue cheese dressing…. you’re my kind of gal…. let’s meet at the diner and do lunch!!!
    Welcome Val!!!

  3. Kathleen Rietz Says:

    So interesting…and I would LOVE to work in a solarium! I’m coming out there and I am bringing tea!

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